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There is profound tristesse in observing a person that you love make others and yourself so happy, yet they’re unable to bring just as much joy to themselves; there is agonizing heartbreak in holding onto a person so painfully betrayed that they become incredulous of the love you bestow upon them.

Consequently, the bereft soul is left to yearn with one self-reflecting enquiry: “what do you need from me to be you?” Alas – one of the most profound revelations about love is that, despite all efforts and attempts, you cannot render a person genuinely happy with their existence.

Withal, there is something to be said about this same person who picks themselves up every time they fall. There is an unremitting strength to admire about a person who has the ability to channel tormenting negativity and insecurity into meaningful positive life outcomes. There is overwhelming beauty to behold about a person who has loved authentically and unconditionally.

In real suffering, compassion is there. So I’ve chosen to stand by you, whether in spirit or in presence. Trust what is in you – tell your story so that the energies that give us the feeling of truth, goodness and beauty flourish within you. Stand in your destiny, for you are free…

– Lyrical Zen