Lyrical Zen Element

Nationality: Internationality
Race: Human
Human Languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Creole Languages
Political Affiliations: Ubuntu
Religion: Humility
Inspiration: Nature
Modus Vivendi: Nomadic
Modus Operandi: Interdependent


Lyrical Zen is a globally-conscious, independent and creative initiative that mobilizes itself across the world in pursuit of inspiration and meaning. We create unique and enlightening multimedia content for thinkers, artists, musicians, documentaries, filmmakers, communities and organizations.

Lyrical Zen represents a collective mind that expresses a simple philosophy: the transience of life reveals that a keen awareness and sensitivity to our surroundings allows us to empathetically understand the world we live in. A simple thought, idea or expression can set into motion a stream consciousness that elevates us to a higher state of mind. Central to this understanding is the ability to master one’s own freedom in order to dispel fears of the unknown, while exposing the invisible boundaries that divide humanity, spirituality and love. Put simply, we derive inspiration both, from, and for life.


To find the courage to live in a hopeless world and look at destiny in the eye, unflinchingly; to awaken our slumbering consciousness and combat the mental and spiritual pollution that surrounds the commercialized status quo of our world.

Even ends must find their beginnings, because true freedom is having nothing to prove in the grand scheme of life. Action without expectation yields achievement without action. Such as a blind man facing the stars must see with the light of his heart, to live remarkably you must be able to stand in the world and live your truth —non-branded and free-flowing — and embark on a journey that embodies no apparent final destination.

We strive to evolve an instinctive impatience that accentuates the natural geometry behind all meaning, where learning is defined by our every mistake, our every failure, our every breath. The supreme experience of life is thus anchored to a profound understanding of the essential value of holding values, the fundamental meaning of creating meaning. Each and every day we exist to find a modicum of peace amongst our loved ones; cherishing every pristine moment as if life was never meant to end. This isn’t simply an ideology; it’s a way of life.


To our loved ones, family, clan, organization, brothers, sisters, mentors, students, kith, kin and every soul yet to be encountered — you are the eyes and ears in this world and to you we express the deepest of appreciation. You are the authentic love that united, unites, and will unite us ad infinitum. Even in solitude we’re never truly alone, and for this we are eternally grateful.